What are the 3 best reasons for a new driveway?

What are the 3 best reasons for a new driveway?


Ensuring that your property is looking at its best and functioning to its full capabilities doesn’t just allow you to enjoy your property to its fullest, but it also goes a long way to add maximum value to your property. This can bring obvious benefits, whether its short-term such as allowing you to enjoy your property more on a daily basis or long-term when it comes to selling on your property in the future. This blog looks at the real benefits of a new driveway, providing you with the reasons you need to take the step in replacing your old one or creating a brand new one at your home.

Increased value to your property

According to Property Price Advice, a new driveway can add between 5 and 10% to your home’s value. This figure does depend on a number of factors of course, but the potential is most definitely there.

These Factors include:

  • The availability of free parking within your neighbourhood
  • Whether permit parking is available on your street
  • How many vehicles can be comfortably parked on your new driveway
  • Whether you live on a main road or cul-de-sac
  • Whether your neighbours also have off-street parking

You can of course use these factors to your advantage and be clever in how you construct and plan your new driveway to see the maximum benefits when it comes to adding value on your property. For the new driveway to add value, it must be of high quality and laid with a fabulous surface by a reputable contractor, so make sure you do your research into materials thoroughly.

With road users increasing more by the day, it has to be said that an extremely luring factor for new home buyers is having somewhere safe to park their car and a quality driveway certainly provides them with this. In addition to this, some car insurers may offer a discount to drivers able to park off the street, due to decreased risk of damage from a number of factors, again adding to the reasons for having a new driveway at your property.

Can make your home life easier

A new driveway can free up all kinds of space that you didn’t realise was there. The obvious benefitting factor of this is the fact you’ll be able to park more cars on your drive than you were previously. You may now have the space for that extra vehicle you always wanted, or the space for an extra car once your children turn 17 and are able to start learning to drive. The extra parking space at your home will also become particularly useful if you’re entertaining guests or have family coming round to stay, the days of having to get someone to park round the corner to make room for your guests will now be over!

The safety of a larger new driveway will also eradicate the risk of one of your cars or a guests car being damaged when parked on a street, which provides you with ease of mind, the less you have to worry in life, the better right? A new smooth, flat surface will also remove the risk of any trip hazards if you yourself are elderly or you have elderly relatives who come to visit you regularly. A super smooth surface could also provide an extra area for your kids to play on in the safety of your own home, you may even choose to install a couple of swings there, a basketball hoop or even an area for a small paddling pool in the summer, the options are there for you to do as you wish. It may not have occurred to you just how much easier a new driveway can make your life but there really are all sorts of fantastic factors that are there for you to take advantage of when introducing a new driveway to your property.

They look great

Let’s be honest you can’t ignore the visual appeal of a new driveway and the added sophistication and attractiveness it will provide to the front of your property. This is of course a magnificent way of fulfilling your self-pride, as you’ve worked extremely hard to own your home and showing it off in its best light should give you that feeling of satisfaction when standing back and taking in the wonderful exterior of your home. There’s no reason why your personality can’t come out in your driveway, so don’t be afraid to let all your creative juices flow and really immerse yourself in an idea that reflects you and your style, if the new driveway works on the functional sense and is planned for carefully then there are no major limits on the style you decide on.

An elegant new driveway will most definitely smarten up your property, with all sorts of resurfacing options to choose from, including gravel, grit, asphalt, tarmac, Indian sandstone, cobblestone or block paving, and the list goes on! Just make sure that you plan it properly and use a reputed and trusted building firm like ourselves here at Cotswold Contractors to ensure that a truly quality job is done for you. If you would like to get in touch with us about the driveway dreams we can provide you and your home with, then please visit our website.