The Most Important Construction Industry Trends for 2022

The Most Important Construction Industry Trends for 2022

With construction output at its highest levels for years, and the construction industry recovering from a difficult pandemic period, at Cotswold Contractors we feel it necessary to explore the most important trends for the construction industry this year. It is an unprecedented time for the construction industry, as we have never had to recover from such drastic losses in such a short space of time. With this in mind, we thought it would be worth having a look at what changes we could potentially see in 2022 (and some that are already happening).


The cost of building materials, including important assets like brick and concrete, are set to rise and unlikely to decline anytime soon. Because of this, it’s vitally important that businesses try to prioritise an efficient and cost-effective approach going forward. Many adaptations and trends we will see in the coming years will be in response to the rising construction costs.

A process known as modular construction is one of the more popular trends we are seeing come about in response to rising construction costs. This allows pre-engineered, factory-built units to be delivered to the site and assembled together to create a fully formed structure out of each component part.

Modular projects such as these have a number of benefits, including the capacity to reach completion for the overall project in almost half the time as a normal project and a saving on at least 20% of construction costs. Modular buildings can additionally be refurbished and disassembled, reducing the rising demand for raw materials and decreasing the need for waste.


Many construction companies in the UK are looking to move towards a greener future. Fresh developments in recyclable/renewable materials and electric machinery have given people greater options for eco-friendly options. For example, the use of materials such as sustainably created concrete could cut carbon emissions by nearly 50%!

Using recyclable materials has becoming an increasingly popular construction trend. Efforts need to be made to move this particular trend away from being an exclusive, wealth-reliant endeavour. This is also because recycled materials can reduce waste disposal and material costs.

3D printing continues to play a significant role in construction trends moving into the future. A wide array of sustainably sourced materials can be used when construction workers utilise 3D printing and can create a variety of building materials that includes floors, walls, and concrete. 3D printing could definitely be the future of the construction industry; the cost of raw materials, reduction of waste, capacity to mass print custom designs and turnaround time make 3D printing a construction trend to watch out for.


Modern technology is beginning to permeate the construction industry in a way that has drastically improved the efficiency of many projects.

Connected Sites, for example, use cloud-based tech to allow sites to remain as connected as possible with accurate, precise information available to any employee who may need to view it. This tech can keep construction sites across the country connected on one individual platform while transforming the way construction workers communicate with each other on a mass scale.  

Robotics, meanwhile, can perform a rapidly increasing number of individual tasks that include loading, painting, tying rebar, bricklaying, and drywall installation! Robotics have also been responsible for an increase in safety across the sector as it can protect workers from repetitive or dangerous tasks.

Drones are also becoming a new trend for the construction industry for 2022. Statistics show that drone use for the construction industry has increased by as much as 239% year-upon-year!

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